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Fractal Pattern

Nicole Tan YingLi

About Fractals

Nicole has a strong affinity for everything geometric, esoteric, and intricate, which is why fractal patterns can’t seem to leave her mind.  

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Fractal Patterns
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Infinite Construction I explores the extraordinary coincidence of nature that have shaped the human experience. Sometimes such seeming coincidences have a perfectly rational explanation, but sometimes they are no more than quirks of how the universe has evolved. 

By using fractals to represent this concept, the never-ending, self similar complexities of this ongoing feedback loop replicate the recursion of nature. The abstract fractals, generated algebraically, symbolise the attempt by human beings to replicate the beauty of nature through technology.

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Public Installation Display 
@ Nanyang Technological University - North Spine

Public Banner Display 
@NTU - School of Art, Design and Media