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Nicole Tan YingLi is a Visual Communications & Interactive Designer currently based in Singapore. At the core of her design philosophy lies an emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and user-centricity, with a focus on illustrations, typographic layouts, interactive designs, and interface design.

Previously she contributed her creative expertise to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition at Neon Global,  with a focus on pre-press production and game prototyping. Prior to that, she served as a visual designer for Superson Oy, in Helsinki, Finland, working with clients like Dimex, Boost, Fooni, Fiskars, and Wartsila.

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Fractal Pattern

Yayoi Kusama Feature Magazine

Print / Editorial 
Publication: Page View 
Year: 2021
OBSESSED is an art-centric magazine publication dedicated to spotlighting prominent artists, and in this particular issue, we delve into the remarkable career of the iconic artist Yayoi Kusama, spanning multiple decades. Within the pages of this edition, we meticulously explore the diverse facets of Kusama's artistic journey, highlighting her extensive body of work showcased across various international exhibitions.

This issue serves as a comprehensive showcase, offering readers an immersive experience into Yayoi Kusama's distinctive artistic expressions. From her avant-garde installations to the intricacies of her immersive exhibitions, we navigate through the tapestry of her creative evolution. As we unfold the pages, readers will gain insights into the profound impact and influence Kusama has had on the global art scene.

Each section is a visual and narrative voyage, capturing the essence of Yayoi Kusama's creativity, her unique artistic philosophy, and the profound messages embedded within her work. Through captivating imagery and in-depth commentary, OBSESSED strives to provide a nuanced understanding of Kusama's contribution to the world of art, making this issue a compelling exploration for both seasoned art enthusiasts and those newly discovering the brilliance of Yayoi Kusama.