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Nicole Tan YingLi is a Visual Communications & Interactive Designer currently based in Singapore. At the core of her design philosophy lies an emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and user-centricity, with a focus on illustrations, typographic layouts, interactive designs, and interface design.

Previously she contributed her creative expertise to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition at Neon Global,  with a focus on pre-press production and game prototyping. Prior to that, she served as a visual designer for Superson Oy, in Helsinki, Finland, working with clients like Dimex, Boost, Fooni, Fiskars, and Wartsila.

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Graphic & Interactive Design


Fractal Pattern

Novak —  Navigating Identity in a Commodified Reality

Speculative Branding  / 3d modeling / Interactive Design
Web Design: Novak Technologies
Year: 2024

Novak is a speculative branding project envisioning a future where pharmaceutical interventions are used to combat overconsumption. To address this global challenge, Novak pioneers a ground-breaking bottom-up approach, targeting material desire directly within the human brain.

Utilising advanced techniques to analyse individuals' emotional states through facial expressions and environmental cues, Novak tailors pill dosages to precisely fulfil cravings for contentment, internal validation, tranquillity, and pleasure. In this innovative exploration, Novak delves into the intricate relationship between consumerism and authenticity. 

Through its pioneering creation of pills that satiate human longing, Novak questions our prevailing notions of choice within capitalist systems, sparking critical discourse on the future of consumption and societal values.