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Nicole Tan YingLi is a Visual Communications & Interactive Designer currently based in Singapore. At the core of her design philosophy lies an emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and user-centricity, with a focus on illustrations, typographic layouts, interactive designs, and interface design.

Previously she contributed her creative expertise to the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. exhibition at Neon Global,  with a focus on pre-press production and game prototyping. Prior to that, she served as a visual designer for Superson Oy, in Helsinki, Finland, working with clients like Dimex, Boost, Fooni, Fiskars, and Wartsila.

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Graphic & Interactive Design


Fractal Pattern

Equalising Housing in Singapore - Postal Collection

Illustration / Packaging 

Year: 2022

This stamp collection and stationary set was made to create awareness of housing worries faced amongst young people in Singapore. Inspired by the game of Monopoly and HDB flats in Singapore, the stamps aim to create a space for conversation in enhancing affordable housing policies for the younger generation. This project also hopes to improve the inclusivity and diversity of HDB priority ownership to diverse families including single-parent familes, same sex families and never-married singles.

With an increase in the costs of rental and housing in recent years, young people face increasing pressures to afford housing. In the stamp collection, we envisioned young people lounging in micro-apartments after a long day at work.

The Stamp Packaging was modelled after Housing Development Board (HDB) buildings and are shaped in the form of match stick boxes to mimick decreasing interior structures compared to housing development in the past. With smaller houses, we are left to wonder if rental is even worth it?

In the Ink Stamp Series, the stamps were created through referencing the game of Monopoly houses, visualising our "toy" apartments drowning in water.